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Cubesat-Compatible Terminal

Compact, versatile and secure. Simple satellite integration for use in low Earth orbit (LEO) for intersatellite links or direct-to-ground links.Our CubeSat-compatibile terminal is designed to be interoperable with the Space Development Agency's optical networks, yet integrate with the smallest satellites.

Human-Portable Lasercom Ground Terminal

Optical ground communication redefined. SpaceRake's human-portable lasercom ground terminal integrates cutting-edge optics with user-friendly design. Whether for military, exploration, or research purposes, our ground terminal ensures secure, consistent, high-speed data transmission, even in the most challenging environments.

Multi-Access Router Architecture

The future of satellite networking is here. We're transforming space data routing with a multi-access optical router architecture that ensures fluid and streamlined satellite networking. Our commitment is to bring space networking to the forefront of modern communication paradigms.