Making access to data from space easy.

Improving life on Earth by making data from space accessible for everyone.

What we do

SpaceRake is making satellite data more accessible to industries on Earth by improving the flow of data from satellites to users using advanced laser communication technologies and industry-specific data delivery.

Data curation as a service

Getting your hands on up-to-date satellite data is harder than it needs to be. SpaceRake is streamlining access to world-class Earth observation data from both governmental and commercial providers through a single easy-to-use data pipeline. We will provide easy access to the data your industry needs, allowing your analytics team to focus on analytics instead of data wrangling.

SR value prop

SpaceRake makes a wide variety of data available through our platform. From visible imagery, short- and long-wave infrared images, synthetic aperture radar terrain maps, and atmospheric measurements to science data products such as vegetation health and meteorological/hydrological measurements, our API provides one consistent interface for easily finding and using the data your team needs.

Optical communications

SpaceRake is working to bring more data down to users from space. Using our patent-pending miniaturized free space optical communication technology, we will enable more satellites to simultaneously connect to terminals through both space and ground networks.


Who we are

We are a passionate group of scientists and engineers working hard to make data from space better for everyone.