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SpaceRake Awarded Phase I SBIR by the National Science Foundation to Study Many-to-One Lasercom Routing Technology

Cambridge, MA • Feb 29, 2024

SpaceRake, Inc., a commercial space startup, has been awarded a Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The 12-month award will fund SpaceRake's research into many-to-one lasercom routing technology, which aims to revolutionize data transmission in space. This innovative approach to lasercom routing has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of space-based communication networks.

Founded by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Google, and leading R&D centers, SpaceRake is at the forefront of miniaturized optical communication solutions for space applications. The company's mission is to enable the next generation of in-space connectivity for all types of satellites, driving advancements in space-based and terrestrial communication.

The Phase I NSF grant will enable SpaceRake to further develop and study its proprietary many-to-one lasercom routing technology. "We are thrilled to receive this support from the National Science Foundation," said Weston Marlow, President & CEO of SpaceRake, Inc. "This funding will allow us to deepen our understanding of optical comms network fanout and its potential to help further the adoption of space-based laser communication networks."

SpaceRake is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, visit

About SpaceRake, Inc.

SpaceRake, Inc. is a commercial space startup pushing the boundaries of optical communications for space applications. With a team of industry veterans from MIT, Google, and leading R&D centers, SpaceRake is revolutionizing in-space connectivity for all types of satellites. Through the development of cutting-edge technologies like many-to-one lasercom routing, SpaceRake is enabling the next generation of space communication, driving innovation in both space-based and terrestrial applications.

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